Why is Google Analytics so important to Bloggers?


If you don’t know yet what Google Analytics is, don’t worry you have come to the right place. So, you are asking yourself what is Google Analytics.

Well Google Analytics is a web analytics service that is offered by Google itself and it tracks and reports website traffic. This is fantastic as it informs you of all the users who are coming to your site, where they found your website and whether they even interacted with your website at all. Wow, this is super cool!

So, if you have just created a website, this will seriously be the best tool to use.

Today, I will be discussing why Google Analytics is so important to Bloggers.

Google Analytics is important to bloggers because there number one goal is to get more traffic and subscribers coming to there blog posts. Google Analytics allow you to see:

Who is viewing your site?

This is the geographical location of your audience and it tells you which web browser they used to get to your site, eg South Africa and it can even tell which device they used to view your blog, eg. mobile device.

What do people do on your website?

Google analytics can be used to track where the user is going on your website, how long do they stay on your website and what is the bounce rate? If you have more than one post then it can also be used to view what posts they are viewing and reading.

When do people visit your website?

You can post your blog post at a time in the day where you know people will view the most at a certain time. So its best that you pick the best time in the day in which you want to post. The most frequent time when readers will read your blog post is probably in the night time once they have finished work and maybe even after their dinner time.

How do people find your website?

This shows where people are coming from to view your blog posts, it also shows you the percentage of where the people are coming from. Example could be from Facebook, Email or possibly even a link. Readers can even just find by simply clicking on your blog post from various other blogs and they may even come across your posts and profile and they may even follow you.

How do people interact with your content?

Google analytics shows you how people and users interact with your sites content. It shows the percentage of the user who clicked on what link on your site.

Without these reasons you wouldn’t know how to monitor traffic coming to your site.

People can use  Google analytics to see what people and readers are viewing on the blog.

Why is Google Analytics so important to business?

The reason why its so important is that without this, it makes it difficult for bloggers to see if their blog is effective enough and if whether their is enough people viewing the posts and if not then bloggers would have to improve it

Prisma, a Photo Editing App makes photos App-solutely amazing

If you think that Pokemon Go was generating all the craze, you are wrong as there is this new app, called Prisma. It can be downloaded onto an IOS (Apple) as well as Android smartphones.

Prisma is as popular yet as it is still relatively new while Pokemon Go has been out for quite some time. People are more than likely going to see the colourful images from the app taking over all the popular social media sites especially Instagram, as it is a photo and video sharing site.

Prisma is a great photo app, that enable users to edit their photos by choosing from a wide range of effects. Wow, this is super cool! My photos are going to look so much better and cooler. Cant wait to start using this app so that I can start uploading my pictures all over the internet.

prisma-appI think Facebook and Instagram are great social media sites as it will gain more traffic for the Prisma app. Users can either save it or upload the photo to Facebook or Instagram. The app is very easy to use, so if you are one of those people who are not computer or smartphone geeks. You just simply choose a photo and then decide from the variety of styles and effects to choose from.

I think this app is great for marketing as it will get more and more people downloading and using the app. Instagram would be a great way for people to get Prisma’s name out there into the open.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this app, I wonder if it will still be such a buzz or craze in about 6 months time.

If you have this app downloaded on your phone, how do you rate it? Do you think this app has a chance in the market?

Blake Lively stars in The Shallows


I’m sure all you bloggers would love to watch an amazing film this weekend or in actual fact, once I mention the name of the movie you would probably want to watch the movie right now, well have you heard about the new movie called the Shallows, for those of you who like a bit of exciting and nail-biting thriller movie, that’s the perfect movie for you. When is it coming out? The 26th of August 2016. It’s a movie that shouldn’t missed by those who enjoy watching shark movies.

This movie is sure to keep you awake and on the edge of your seat.

Blake Lively, is an American actress and she plays the main role of trying to outwit sharks. Blake went cage diving in South Africa and not only did she get a perspective of South Africa but also a perspective about sharks as well.

I think by Blake acting in this movie, it will give people the idea to learn more about sharks as well as shark cage diving. So, I think all shark – cage diving places will start gaining more people coming to do shark-cage diving and people will start to look up to her.

If Blake feels that the sharks are amazing and that we should get to learn more about sharks.

I think this is a great opportunity for aquariums as people would want to learn more about sharks as Blake Lively acted in a movie.

Fans of Blake would also like to be like her and would also like to go shark cage diving and they would get to know more about sharks.

This movie not only features the sharks but also blake as well.

The shallows will probably not be the best movie to watch if you have been attacked by sharks but I do think however people could learn more about the predators.

In terms of marketing, I would say that shark cage diving companies would start to do better and they would gain more customers and also the awareness about sharks would also increase as well.

Wayde van Niekerk goes for Gold

As most of you already know that the Olympics 2016 has come to an end yesterday. The Olympics took place in Rio. On Sunday the 14th of August, South African sprinter Wayde van Niekerk received his first 2016 gold medal, he ran the fastest in the 400m race in history. Wayde’s coach Ans Botha or also known as “Tannie Ans” has been coach since 1960. Ans saw Wayde in the year 2010 at the (IAAF) World Junior Championships in Canada, where the runner came fourth in the race. She began to coach Wayde van Niekerk, who was a Marketing student studying at University of Free State in Bloemfontein.

Knowing that South Africa has one of the fastest runners is a relief for the country and not only does it give other people living in other countries some competition and it also makes people think that South Africa is doing something great to achieve these results. This is a great marketing tool as Wayde for example, can go overseas and play against other countries and it makes our country look good as well.

Although we just had our recent elections at the beginning of the month of August, there is only one thing at this stage in South Africa that brings South Africans together and that is sport. Together we are one and we all on each other’s side.

Wayde is now a superstar in the making and is seen locally and globally on all the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, this is great way of not only advertising Wayde but also South Africa has a whole. If Wayde keeps up the great work that he is performing, he could get lots of money out of this. He could at one stage in his life time become world famous and he will be seen as the greatest runner not only in South Africa but the world. Keep it up Wayde.


Instagram takes on a whole new “Story”


I’m pretty sure that all of you have Snapchat, where you can all add videos and photos on your story for all your Snapchat friends to see. Well, guess what? Instagram has just introduced Instagram stories and I have a funny feeling that SnapChat will soon fade away as people wont want to use Snapchat anymore as Instagram can both where you can post a pic to your profile as well as add pictures to your story which is only available for 24 hours to view. The nice thing about the stories is that people can post pictures and videos of events that are at and they can promote businesses and the events.

Snapchat has some competition now, what I want to know now is, what will Snapchat do to make themselves extra special to Instagram. Snapchat will have to do something real quick in order to keep their existing customers.

You will probably find that people will soon or later delete the Snapchat app as people will no longer be using Snapchat anymore.


I think having stories whether its on Snapchat or Instagram is a great marketing tool and people can post pictures and videos of events that are taking place at that particular time, which means if people see something they like, they are more than likely going to try it out or even attend that event that the person shared as it looks very exciting, which will only benefit businesses as they will be receiving more traffic to their site and possibly the customers will start buying products that Instagram users have posted or shared with their friends.

So which one do you think will be the better app for achieving more customers and more traffic to websites? Which app will still be running from a year from now?

Quick, grab your slippers!

Want to know about what this slippers day is all about?

Get involved in the slipper campaign today

On Friday 5 August 2016, is  our annual slipper day that takes place in South Africa, and this is a campaign that is for all the children who have life-threatening diseases and illnesses and gives them the opportunity to see their dreams come true.

Feel like wearing your slippers to work today? Has it been a long week for you? Well guess,  what, Friday the 5th August you can wear your slippers, all you have to do is buy a R10 sticker and you can wear your slippers to work, school and you can help the little children see their dreams becoming into reality. Not only will you have a better day at work or school but you might be changing lives of the children. It’s for a good cause and it’s an awesome way to wear your slippers.

This campaign takes place every year, but this year they are hoping to make even more money than last year. Last year the reach for your slippers made R3.5 million and this year they are hoping to make double to what they made last year. In order to make the money that they are wishing for, they should try and aim to sell 650 000 stickers.

reach for your slippers

Slipper day

It’s an easy way for raising funds and donations and its for a lovely cause. It is not a lot of money that they are asking for and people would love to pay R10 in order to receive a sticker that shows that the person has contributed towards the campaign.

Buy your sticker today, before the 5th August and become part of the campaign. You will make a young child smile again.

Want to know more about the slipper campaign, click the link below:

Reach For Your Slippers for Reach For A Dream


My first blog post :)


320.JPGHello everyone, I am Chelsea Searle. I am currently studying for my Degree in Digital Marketing at Prestige Academy.

The reason why I am studying Digital Marketing is because the Digital Marketing industry is on the increase and everything we do today is either online or is done by using some sort of electronic device such as a computer or smartphone. I enjoy working on the Internet and working on social media, not because it is easy to use but because everyone has Facebook or Twitter. I feel that I could make a difference in the world by being digitally involved with the world.

My hobbies that I enjoy are learning new things on different social media sites, I like to use and explore new apps. I enjoy exploring the web and finding out new and interesting things online. I enjoy chilling with friends and family, I wouldn’t mind to go on new adventures and I would love to travel and blog and put all the places that I have visited online. I am a big animal lover and I enjoy looking after animals.